Higi Tunnel

Smart Disinfection Tunnel, by Natural Disinfectant

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Easy and Quick Body Temperature Control

At the tunnel entrance is a camera with temperature sensor that will read with precision the users body temperature, and if this is out of normal, will advise with visual and auditive signals.

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Hand Gel Dispenser

At the tunnel entrance is available a hand gel dispenser for hand disinfection.

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The tunnel for a 360º disinfection

✔ Easy installation

✔ Proximity sensor - Activates the spraying when the user is two meters away

✔ Adjustable height for install in irregular surfaces

✔ Passage Counter

✔ Magnetic PVC doors that will close as soon the user enters or leaves the tunnel

✔ Robust structure

✔ 230V
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The standard solution

Natural Disinfectant

The most used antibacterial solution. Used only in a way to kill the virus, never being a problem for the health of the users.

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Tunnel Features

Quick Passage

Only 6 seconds per person

Automatic Spraying

When detects movement in the tunnel

Hand Gel Dispenser

At the tunnel entrance

Access to Wheelchairs

Ramps at entrance and exit

35L Recipient

Will allow at least 2000 passages

With LED Lights

Can be used at any time at any hour

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Higibox Disinfection Tunnels

3-in-1 Tunnel

3-in-1 Disinfection Tunnel
  • Disinfection by Natural Disinfectant, Ozone (O3) and UV Light
  • Body Temperature Control
  • Hand Gel Dispenser


Higi Disinfection Tunnel
  • Disinfection by Natural Desinfectant
  • Body Temperature Control
  • Hand Gel Dispenser

O3 tunnel

O3 Disinfection Tunnel
  • Ozonized Water (O3) Disinfection
  • Body Temperature Control
  • Hand Gel Dispenser

Additional Informations

What is Ozone (O3) and how it works?

Is also known as "Activated Oxygen". Is the most effective odour neutralizer of the world. An electrical discharge done by the generator transforms the oxygen into Ozone (O3). Is a powerful oxidant, with a small lifetime. After some time, turns again into oxygen.

How is the Ozone (O3) created?

The Ozone (O3) can be created artificially, through Oxygen. It is necessary 3 oxygen molecules to create 2 ozone molecules. This molecules suffer an electrical discharge, that turns them in loose atoms, that will regroup again as Ozone (O3). After it does the desinfection, this instable molecules turns again into oxygen.

The Ozono (O3) eliminate all the bad odours?

Yes, it eliminates the bad odours for good! If the odours doesn't dissapear after the treatment, that means that you didn't use the necessary time. Just repeat the process for a longer time.

What is the time that a generator should be used to disinfect an area?

According to the WHO the Ozone is the most efficient disinfectant.

The generator of 5gr/h should disinfect an 50m2 area in about 1,5hour. Ozone concentrations of 0,1-0,2 mg / min, should inactivate 99% of virus, coronavirus included.

How much time should I wait to use an area treated by Ozone (O3)?

Ozone (O3) has an average lifetime of 30 minutes. The concentration of it will reduce drastically after that time. The recommended time to enter in a room treated by Ozone (O3) is about 6 hours, and should also ventilate the area for 2 hours.

Can I use it in my car?

Yes, with some precautions. The generator should be placed in the passengers seat, in the room for the feet. The car ventilation should be turned on the minimum. Tis process should be done outdoors.