Disinfectant made in Germany, perfect for use in the disinfection tunnels 3-in-1 and Higi from Higibox. Also suitable for disinfection and cleaning of surfaces.

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Liquid disinfectant with excelent virucidal (according the European standard EN14476), bactericidal and fungicidal action.

The perfect disinfectant for using in the disinfection tunnels from Higibox. Can also be used directly from the bottle for cleaning and disinfection of virus and fungi, as well as odour elimination.

Product with a base of water and salt (with small concentrations of sodium hypoclorite, sodium chlorine and chlorine dioxide), without alcohol, color and odour. Has been tested dermatologically by Dermatest GmbH with "Very Good".

Easy to Use
Without Alcohol
No Surfactants
No Fragances
No Conservants
Not Caustic
Can be used for direct application instead of spraying
Available in packages of 10L, 20L and 1000L.
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Ecodis Pro Disinfectant

High Efficiency

Eliminates 99,999% of virus, fungi and bacteria

Quick and Effective

Acts imediatelly at application

Materials friendly

Doesn't damage the surfaces

Easy Use

Apply directly from the bottle


Other Disinfectant Solutions from Higibox

Pórtico Desinfecção 3-em-1 For hand disinfection and washable surfaces
Pórtico Desinfecção Higibox
Disinfection and maintenance of liquid transport systems
Pórtico Desinfecção Higibox Special for cleaning and maintenance of water lubricated systems
Pórtico Desinfecção 3-em-1 For automatic coffee machines disinfection
Pórtico Desinfecção Higibox Cleaning and disinfection of washing machines
Pórtico Desinfecção Higibox Special for hygienizing the tumble dryer machine
Apply easily


The Higibox Nebulizer is the perfect device to apply the Ecodis Pro disinfectant in every surfaces. Reach all locations, including the ones of difficult to reach!

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High Efficiency

Sprays between 0 and 1000ml / min

Quick Apply

Works imediatelly after use

Spray Reach

Between 6 and 10 meters


39x43x23cm / 3,6Kg

Your Choice

Higibox Disinfection Tunnels

3-in-1 Tunnel

Pórtico Desinfecção 3-em-1
  • Disinfection by Natural Disinfectant, Ozone (O3) and UV Light
  • Body Temperature Control
  • Hand Gel Dispenser


Pórtico Desinfecção Higibox
  • Disinfection by Natural Desinfectant
  • Body Temperature Control
  • Hand Gel Dispenser

O3 tunnel

Pórtico Desinfecção Higibox
  • Ozonized Water (O3) Disinfection
  • Body Temperature Control
  • Hand Gel Dispenser

Ozone (O3) Generator

Small device for disinfection of spaces in your facilities. Just plug the electrical power, and without any consumables, the generator releases ozone (O3), destroying viruses and bacterias. A clean and effective way of disinfect your facilities.

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Other Ozone Generator Models

If you need for bigger areas

10gr/h Generator

10gr/h Ozone (O3) Generator
  • 10gr/h of Ozone (O3)
  • Suitable for cars and areas up to 80sqm
  • Energy - 110W
  • Size: 265x205x180mm
  • Weight: 3,4Kg
  • UV Lamp(Optional)

20gr/h Generator

Gerador de Ozono (O3) 20gr/h
    20gr/h of Ozone (O3) (Can use only 10gr/h)
  • Suitable for cars and areas up to 120m2
  • Energy - 190W
  • Size: 265x205x180mm
  • Weight: 3,9Kg
  • UV Lamp(Optional)

30gr/h Generator

Gerador de Ozono (O3) 30Gr/h
    30gr/h of Ozone (O3) (Can use only 10gr/h or 20gr/h)
  • Suitable for cars and areas up to 160m2
  • Energy - 275W
  • Size: 265x205x180mm
  • Weight: 4,4Kg
  • UV Lamp(Optional)

Additional Informations

What is Ozone (O3) and how it works?

Is also known as "Activated Oxygen". Is the most effective odour neutralizer of the world. An electrical discharge done by the generator transforms the oxygen into Ozone (O3). Is a powerful oxidant, with a small lifetime. After some time, turns again into oxygen.

How is the Ozone (O3) created?

The Ozone (O3) can be created artificially, through Oxygen. It is necessary 3 oxygen molecules to create 2 ozone molecules. This molecules suffer an electrical discharge, that turns them in loose atoms, that will regroup again as Ozone (O3). After it does the desinfection, this instable molecules turns again into oxygen.

The Ozono (O3) eliminate all the bad odours?

Yes, it eliminates the bad odours for good! If the odours doesn't dissapear after the treatment, that means that you didn't use the necessary time. Just repeat the process for a longer time.

What is the time that a generator should be used to disinfect an area?

According to the WHO the Ozone is the most efficient disinfectant.

The generator of 5gr/h should disinfect an 50m2 area in about 1,5hour. Ozone concentrations of 0,1-0,2 mg / min, should inactivate 99% of virus, coronavirus included.

How much time should I wait to use an area treated by Ozone (O3)?

Ozone (O3) has an average lifetime of 30 minutes. The concentration of it will reduce drastically after that time. The recommended time to enter in a room treated by Ozone (O3) is about 6 hours, and should also ventilate the area for 2 hours.

Can I use it in my car?

Yes, with some precautions. The generator should be placed in the passengers seat, in the room for the feet. The car ventilation should be turned on the minimum. Tis process should be done outdoors.